Rainbows End Leprechaun Slot at Roxy Palace

Leprechaun Slot Tips

I love playing my favorite slots, including of course leprechaun slots and Irish slots.  But I have had one or two times when my entertainment has gotten the better of me and I ended up either spending too much or not quitting while I was ahead.  Here are some slot tips and plans I now use whenever I am playing my favorite leprechaun slots online.

Leprechaun Slot Tips

The first online slot tip that should always be applied when playing slots: Pick a plan and stick with it!  It is easy make an excuse and not go with your plan because you are feeling lucky.  If you really feel you are luck and must continue, or that your luck will turn around soon, take a break for an hour and then decide later if you still need to try again.

My second slot tip is: Read the rules to your slot! As you read, there are many different leprechaun slots and Irish slots.  It is important to read how your game works and how the bonus rounds work so you can maximize your luck!

My last slot machine tip is: play at a fair and honest casinos! It sucks to win a bunch of money and then later find out that the casino was a scam.  As online gambling becomes more and more regulated, it becomes more transparent which online casinos are shady and which are not.  If you are unsure if your casino is fair or not check out my guide to fair online gaming.

Leprechaun Slot Plans

These are my 3 plans that I use when playing my favorite leprechaun slots (or Irish slots!) online.

Plan 1: Deposit and set your playing time

This slot plan is very easy.  Simple pick the amount you want to spend that day, and how long you want to play.  I usually try $50 for an hour.  After my hour is up, no matter how high or low I am, I stop playing my leprechaun slot! This is a great plan for a lucky night. You must stop when you are head. When you have a bad evening though, it is not as much fun – your deposit may not even make it that long!  In any case this is a great way to control your spending and stopping time when playing slots online.

Plan 2: Only wager your deposit one time

This slot plan may be a bit more difficult, depending on the online casino you are choosing to play at.  Simply deposit, and only wager your deposit once. After that stop playing and withdrawal your cash or use it for another day!  If you only play your deposit once, the chances of losing all of your cash the first time are very very low.  This way you can make your deposited money last, and if you are head of the leprechaun slot, all the better!

Plan 3: Stop when your money doubles

When I’m feeling particularly lucky with one of my leprechaun slots, but I’m not sure my luck will start immediately, I use slot plan #3. Stop when my money doubles!  This is great because you don’t need to keep track of time or slot spins. You just keep track of how much money you are winning!  Once I have doubled my money, I withdrawal it and any left over I can play away, (or try to win more!)  I always make sure to withdrawal the double so I don’t end up loosing all my leprechaun slot winnings by feeling “lucky”.